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Text formatting, SEO and SSL issues
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Сообщения темы: Text formatting, SEO and SSL issues
Text formatting, SEO and SSL issues 2 г., 7 мес. назад Репутация: 0
Hello there,

I have three issues using the pro plugin and would be happy if you could help me or provide me with further Information:
1) Is there a way to format text in the message field (General Settings/Appearance Settings/Coming Soon Mode Settings)? HTML tags don't work and I didn't find a possibility to give text a structure (like paragraph, wordwrap, bold weight etc.).
2) If I enter meta information under Advance Options/SEO Settings and save them, they will be overwritten by the default information (e.g. "WordPress 4.8.2 - Eine weitere WordPress-Website" or just blank fields). So, I actually can't change SEO meta Information. How do I get it to work?
3) My Website is secure (SSL cerificate) and the browser also says so. After activating the plugin the browser gives the a message that the website is not safe/ that there is mixed Content and parts of the page not encrypted before being sent through the internet. Does the plugin support secure Internet communication? If yes, what do I have to change in order to make the browser recognize it?

Please help

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